Go Benchmark Map vs Slice

Update Github user Kuba left this comment in the form of a github issue back when my blog was hosted on github pages: https://github.com/miketmoore/miketmoore.github.io/issues/1. I think this is a great example of how inviting and helpful the Go community can be. Kuba pointed out a problem with my benchmark and how slices are actually fast!

A quick benchmark comparing performance of writing to a map versus appending to a slice. I also created two separate benchmarks to compare setting bool versus uint8 in the maps. It looks like the map with the uint8 values is the fastest option.


Mon Dec 17 09:37:28 > go test -bench=. -benchtime=20s
goos: darwin
goarch: amd64
pkg: github.com/miketmoore/mapsvsslicesperf
BenchmarkMapBool-8      100000000          208 ns/op
BenchmarkMapUint8-8     200000000          180 ns/op
BenchmarkSlice-8        20000000       1967 ns/op
ok   github.com/miketmoore/mapsvsslicesperf    118.673s


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