This is basically an unfinished love letter to the original Zelda game for the NES. It was the first video game I played when I was 5 years old. I’ve played many of the games from the franchise since then, but this has a special place in my heart. Everything about the game was special. In this project, I tried to recreate Link’s movement, attacks, and the enemy movement, as well as the unique screen transition from the original game.

Maybe one day I’ll pick this up again.

I started this project in April of 2018. I had been learning Go since the beginning of the year and had the thought that it would be fun to try and build a game with it. I built this using a 2D game library named Pixel. The project is unfinished.

All of the artwork is pixel based and I made it using a pixel art tool called Marmoset. I made the maps for each screen with Tiled Map Editor.

I maintain full rights to the artwork, but the software is open source.

Screenshot - walking down a canyon Screenshot - forest opening Screenshot - dungeon room

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